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The Benefits of Custom Health Gear

Patient Recognition

It is important that your patient knows who you are and feels comfortable. However, hospitals tend to be large and a bit intimidating for those who are staying there. Help your patients recognize you by adding custom healthcare gear to your everyday medical attire. Name personalizations on uniforms will make for easy recognition. By doing this, they will be able to instantly recognize who you are, what your role is, and will ultimately make them feel more comfortable.


Take personalization to the next level by customizing your apparel and accessories in addition to having traditional name tags. Stay warm and fashionable, while also allowing your patient to your name and role. Along with our Patagonia options, we also have different brands to make your work day just a little bit easier.

Matching Healthcare Apparel

Healthcare professionals work collaboratively as teams. Each department of a hospital should be differentiated and recognizable so patients can recognize. By adding matching customized healthcare apparel, it will boost employee morale and adds team synergy. Show unity by adding matching healthcare gear to your uniform wardrobe. There are many ways to differentiate each department of a hospital including apparel featuring different brands, different customizations, and different colors.

A few of our favorites to customize…


It’s no wonder that the Synchilla Collection is a fan-favorite amongst healthcare professionals. Made out of 100% recycled polyester, this mid-weight acket is perfect to keep warm during shifts at the hospital.

Also made of 100% recycled polyester fleece, but with the addition of conserving water and energy in its production, this sweater is just as sustainable as it is fashionable. This quarter zip is perfect being worn on its own, or being worn under a heavier jacket for extra warmth. Because of its fleecy interior, the Better Sweater will be sure to keep you warm during your shift.

Ready to Customize Your Health Gear?

Visit PK Health Gear to start selecting and customizing your custom apparel and accessories. To learn more about the history of healthcare uniforms, read our previous blog.

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