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Top Health Gear Trends | 2019

As we wrap up our time in 2019, we are excited to enter a new year and continue to provide premium, custom apparel and accessories to the healthcare industry. With each new year comes the release of new and exciting styles. Although there will be new styles to hit the market in this upcoming year, our most popular styles on PK Health Gear in 2019 are here to stay. The following were our top product collections of 2019 that are sure to stay hot through 2020.

The Black Hole Collection includes a variety of duffel bags and cubes that are the perfect essentials for anyone with an active, on the go lifestyle. The Black Hole bags are made with durable, 100% recycled polyester fabric, lining, and nylon webbing. The Black Hole bag and accessories collections are great for those in the healthcare field that work long shifts and need quality gear to carry all of their essentials.

The Patagonia Better Sweater Collection was extremely popular in the quarter zip, vest, and jacket categories. Each of these styles come in a variety of colors and are great pieces for layering. This collection is now completely made with recyclable materials for everything except the teeth.

The Patagonia Synchilla Collection includes vests and jackets made of 100% recycled polyester fleece. This collection is a classic look that is both warm and comfortable. This collection is perfect for someone looking for an extra layer of warmth and support without having to wear a heavy jacket.

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