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The Evolution of Healthcare Uniforms

When you walk into a hospital, physicians office, or other healthcare facility, you are typically greeted by smiling faces and the familiar uniform referred to as “scrubs” in the medical industry. Although scrubs are found in every medical facility today, this wasn’t the case in the past. Throughout the years, healthcare uniforms have been modified many times to improve functionality. At one time, nuns were caretakers of the sick and wore their traditional habits. As time went on, aprons were added to the attire as a layer of protection and to prevent stains. It’s hard to imagine nurses caring to patients while wearing long, heavy dresses with full sleeves and a cap when the nature of the job requires a great amount of movement and mobility.
Thankfully today, the uniforms worn by those in the healthcare field are short-sleeve apparel and pants referred to as “scrubs” that are made for both professionalism, comfortability, and sanitary efficiency. Scrubs today are often made with polyester and are made to be highly durable and comfortable.
PK Health Gear strives to make medical uniforms even more comfortable by providing extra layers of custom apparel and accessories that are approved in healthcare environments. After all, healthcare providers work some of the longest hours and their uniforms should fit all their needs in order to perform best throughout their shifts.

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